Client Service Specialist

Position Objectives:

This role is a link between Tavia and Clients. The role acts as a connector, orchestrator, and navigator between the service provider and one or more business units. He/She works with client stakeholders to align technology solutions with business strategies.

Key Duties/Responsibilities
  • Establishes and maintains a strategic relationship with appropriate level key stakeholders
  • Facilitates stakeholder (internal & client) business planning and strategy meetings.
  • Participates in short- and long-term strategic planning sessions with clients to improve business processes.
  • Acts as an advocate for business requirements and required results.
  • Lead as the strategic interface between the business partner to stimulate, surface, and shape business demand and ensure that the potential business value from those assets and capabilities is captured, realized, optimized, and recognized.
  • Establish and create value adding strategic partner across clients and their respective business units
  • Develop a deep knowledge of the business partner’s business unit and build positive relationship development, both horizontally and vertically.
  • Ensure business value realization and optimization, from value plans through consultancy, business case development, financial awareness, managing expectations, and identifying opportunities to add value.
  • Ensure project and initiative progress, including consistent and effective communication. This includes managing escalation and avoiding risk.
  • Educate business partners about processes, roles, and capabilities.
  • Establish communication processes and channels across business functions.
  • Measure and communicate business value realized with the business partner on a periodic basis.

Essential Skills
  • Relationship-building
    • Ability to listen, build rapport, and credibility as a strategic partner vertically within the business unit, as well as with leadership and functional teams
    • Ability to diffuse stressful situations and prevent potential churn.
  • Strategic thinker
    • Ability to map joint organizational vision and long-term thinking, imagination, and idea generation
  • Energy, focus, assertiveness, and diplomacy
    • Knowing when to push an agenda and when to let a situation develop, rest, or advance
  • Highly developed communication skills
    • Ability and comfort with working at executive levels
    • Highly skilled and experienced at negotiating conflict and problem-solving to achieve win-win outcomes at executive levels
    • Exceptional ability to lead change using positive and collaborative methods
  • Leadership
    • Setting the standard for business management
    • Leading by example, mentoring, and motivating others in the BRM team and all around you
  • Ability to set expectations with business partners and effectively leverage governance for a positive business partner experience
  • Ability to influence and break down silos within an organization as well as across organizations
  • Ability to focus on business value results, rather than solutions
    • Technical aptitude, requirements management, and the ability to assess and articulate risk variables
  • Must have and maintain credibility with the business community
  • Must demonstrate acumen in business and function disciplines
  • Understand and integrate business strategies and trends in technology to deliver value
  • Be able to influence others, using personal rather than positional power
  • Strong communication skills in writing, speaking, and presenting
  • An outside-in focus
    • Outstanding end customer/consumer relationship skills
  • Solid understanding of IT, HR, and finance assets and capabilities
    • Be able to identify gaps and areas that need improvement
  • Strong humility, listening, creativity, and negotiation skills
  • Accepts ownership

Qualification, Experience and Skill Requirements:
  • College Degree BSc, BA, HND (Business Management/Administration, marketing, computer science)
  • Knowledge of and experience in the IT Industry is a plus
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Minimum of 3 years’ experience in sales, Project management and/marketing
  • Able to receive and comprehend directions from Senior Executives & Heads of Business Units
  • Seeks to develop professional skills through both formal training and daily tasks
  • Other Skills
    • Right attitude
    • Good team spirit
    • Bold, articulate and confident
    • Excellent analytical, writing and oral skills
    • Good use of presentation tools
    • Good interpersonal relation

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